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Amor & Psyche, view 1
Amor & Psyche, view 1

This work was inspired by the ancient myth of the woman Psyche and the god Amor. They represent a triumph of forbidden love that overcomes the many obstacles of their different origins and status. Amor disobeys his mother Aphrodite and marries his beloved Psyche, yet he visits Psyche only at night, forbidding her to ever look upon him. Psyche’s yearning to know who her husband is leads to a drop of hot oil from her lamplight that awakens and wounds him. He flies away back to his mother, asking Psyche why she couldn’t have left well enough alone. To find Amor again, Psyche wanders and as she accomplishes one impossible task after another, Amor watches from afar, admiring his human wife’s endurance, ingenuity and accomplishments, loving her even more; until finally Psyche herself becomes a goddess. To me, Psyche’s story is that of a woman who refuses to remain in the dark, and who gains personal growth and success in working through whatever gets thrown at her.